Friday, September 4, 2015

What's BLUE to you?

When you see the many shades of blue all over this blue planet of ours, how do you feel?

The color blue has more symbolism than any of the other colors --- from feeling blue or singing the blues, to the serenity of a calm blue lake or the watery blue of camas lilies and of course, the vast blue of the sky.

High Fiber Diet, a group of artists who use fiber and textiles to create their art, have challenged themselves this year to “observe the visual and conceptual presence of blue in their lives and creative processes,” according to their artists' statement.

The result makes up the September exhibit at Second Story Gallery in Camas, “What’s BLUE to You?”  Each artist offers a unique approach to the color blue, including blue steps in Portland’s Japanese Gardens, blue waves hitting the sandy shore at the beach, the deep blue night sky sprinkled with stars, a blue burqa worn by a woman whose feet dance in their red sandals, an Oregon wetland complete with great blue heron, and many more.

The collection takes the form of fabric panels measuring 24 inches wide and 60 inches long, running around the gallery in a display of individual  interpretations of the color blue.  The pieces are the latest project of the group, High Fiber Diet, which has been using fiber as its creative medium for over 25 years.  Living on both sides of the Columbia, the fiber artists meet and devise a challenge each year that gives them strict boundaries--such as size or color--and wide interpretation.  Their work is juried before sending it out into the world.

Artists taking part in the Second Story Gallery show are Mary Arnold, Christina Brown, Bonnie Bucknam, Lynda Christiansen, Susan Circone, Gerrie Congdon, Kimberly Connelly, Sherri Culver, Jeannette Duke, Diane English, Mary Goodson, Terry Grant, Carol Heist, Jill P. Hoddick, Anita Kaplan, Mary Ann McCammon, Annette McFarlane, Karen Miller, Sara Shayne Miller, Sharry Olmstead, Maarja Paris, Pamela Pilcher, Emily Stevens, Gerrie Thompson, and Marie Murphy Wolfe.  

The artists will be on hand at Second Story Gallery’s opening night reception Friday, Sept. 4, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.  upstairs in the Camas Public Library.   Music will be provided by Jeremy Tuell.  

The exhibit will continue through Sept. 26, giving viewers a chance to answer the question, “What’s Blue to You?”

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